Since I was a child I have had a unique fascination and connection with animals and the natural world.  I would spend hours exploring in the woods, enthralled by moss growing on a tree to watching ravens play in flight.  My love of animals extended beyond the pets that I share my home with, to an insatiable need to learn about, respect and observe wildlife in all forms. As an adult I still have this connection and express it through my skills as a self taught artist. 


My understanding of the bond between people and their pets allows me to joyously create portraits, capturing in fine detail, their likeness, the sparkle in their eye and their wonderful personalities. My heart is especially touched when I am entrusted with creating an in memory portrait. You will often hear me talking to the portrait as I paint, connecting to that soul whose time has been too short on this earth.


I am inspired by each and every story I am asked to tell through a portrait, I am always learning and working to bring something beautiful and dear to the people that collect my art.


My artwork is in various private collections through out Canada and North America.  I accept commissions in both Graphite Pencil and Acrylic Paint. I also offer for sale, a selection of my original art and reproductions of some of my favourite places and things.


Thank you for following along with me!



Regular Annual Events

Thank you to Nicole @ Nate & Nicole Photography for this awesome photo from the 2018 NL Pet Expo.